The iCar will Not Be an Apple Product

A majority of us will agree that Apple products are fantastic. They are built and designed magnificently and oddly enough they are ready and simple to use. Despite the steep prices, these are qualities that make many Apple lovers overlook the prices.

The technology in Apple products can have some aspects applied to the motoring world. As evidently as the recent car models, we have seen the modern upgrades turn them into complex and not so user-friendly.

Given the progressively ugly versions coming out, year after year, lots of car owners are willing to spend enormous amount of money on a delightful iAlternative car design. So long as the looks are outstanding, and it’s easy to use the model.

People would part with a premium amount just as they would for various Apple products. The heavily anticipated Apple automotive project goes beyond infotainment and concentrates on driving automation.

To this effect, Apple continuously hires car engineers from every sector in the world. The move puts the company in a firm position of controlling the car ecosystem and introduces integrated mobility and energy.

The Austrian Move

So serious is Apple about building a car that it has flown some of its top executives to Austria for a sit down with Magna Steyr. The firm that developed the first gen X3 and now the present G-Class for Mercedes, the Countryman for BMW and Chrysler’s Voyager.

As usual having other’s to build the product is a standard practice with Apple. My opinion is; Apple is likely to establish a satisfactory car. The vehicle will, however, require to have the perfect engineering structure and have the right skilful people to run the department.

Unfortunately, Apple seems like it’s taking its sweet time to get the wheels in motion. Given the fact that it’s likely the company is disruptive and in the motor industry such a term is risky, I anticipate a humongous budget and a lag in quality.

When it boils down to the user experience; Apple would have to put in ten times more the effort BMW i and Tesla put in if they wish to go beyond just building cars. They need to come up with a car that immerses itself in the lives of their customers.

In essence; as much as Apple can afford to build a car, why should it build one? They would need to build an infrastructure to cater for spare car parts as well as have a maintenance network in place. The firm will have to undertake a lot of research and do a series of early engineering on a car before it even considers the option as viable.

Given the firm’s history with other ventures, I highly suspect that after some R&D, they will also shelf this project.

Why would they? Quite simple, the motor business is an incredibly difficult, complicated and profound rivalry niche. Moreover, the profit margins stretch too far thin. Given the fact that Apple Inc. is a firm all about profits, I do not see shareholders buying into a project that is likely to make them lose as opposed to gaining!


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